Ravens know the value of Torrey Smith

Ravens know the value of Torrey Smith
June 29, 2013, 6:15 pm
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ESPN recently posted blogs about players NFL teams could least afford to lose outside of their quarterback. The choice of Torrey Smith as that player was interesting and understandable but open to debate.

Smith has been spectacular in his first two years, quickly establishing himself as one of the fastest receivers in the NFL. He can go deep and get passes with the best of them and out-run just about anyone. To this writer, Ray Rice might be the player who's loss could really hurt the Ravens, but the Smith choice is understandable for a few reasons. 

In the blog, Jamison Hensley writes that the loss of Anquan Boldin makes Smith more valuable. He said the Ravens "can't afford to lose Smith to an injury, especially with Anquan Boldin gone. Over the past two seasons, Smith has avIn teh eraged 17.1 yards per reception and scored 15 touchdowns. The group of receivers who would replace him -- Tandon DossDavid ReedDeonte Thompsonand Tommy Streeter -- have 21 career receptions combined. Baltimore would go from a proven playmaker to a big question mark."

If the Ravens lost Rice, they'd be able to replace him. Bernard Pierce, at the very least, could step in and do plenty of damage while helping the Baltimore offense. At wide receiver, the Ravens just aren't nearly as deep as they are at running back. 

Plus, someone would have to step up as the top wide receiver, and the team would be asking a player without much experience to do that. Pierce would face the same situation in the backfield, but stepping in there would be an easier task for him in a different situation. 

But it's probably fair to say the Ravens wouldn't want to deal with any of this stuff this year.