For Ravens, others, two QBs are enough

For Ravens, others, two QBs are enough
September 1, 2013, 3:45 pm
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When the Ravens cut Caleb Hanie and decided once again — for the third straight year — to go with two quarterbacks on the roster instead of three, they were far from alone. Fourteen of the NFL’s 32 teams have just two QBs on the active roster as of Sunday. And it’s an even split by conference, seven each.

In the Ravens’ division, they are joined by the Bengals in going with two quarterbacks; the Browns and Steelers each have three on their rosters.

Is this decision dependent on a concern about having a mobile quarterback who is more likely to be hurt, or maybe an expression of a lack of confidence in the QBs you have? Not necessarily. For example, the Seahawks, featuring the dancing feet of Russell Wilson, carry a single backup. And the Panthers, whose Cam Newton led the NFL in quarterback rushes last year with 127, are going with two QBs.

Then again, mostly staying in the pocket doesn’t ensure a quarterback’s safety either, so every team that doesn’t have double insurance is taking a calculated risk. Certainly, it’s unlikely you’re going to have two quarterbacks knocked out in a single game. So that’s not the gamble so much as in the instance when a team does lose one and suddenly must bring in a street free agent who may not be familiar with its offense.

However, if you use the open roster spot that might have gone to QB No. 3 on, say, another offensive lineman, you can help keep your starter healthy and upright.