Ravens owner Bisciotti in favor of expanded playoffs

Ravens owner Bisciotti in favor of expanded playoffs
March 25, 2014, 11:00 am
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Fans who think they NFL playoffs are already watered down with 7-9 division champions and 8-8 wild-card teams won't like this news: NFL owners meeting in Orlando this week are expected to discuss expanding the playoffs by two teams for the 2015 season, and Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said that he is all for it.

“I’m in favor of it," Bisciotti said in an interview with the team's Web site. "We’re working now, the competition committee and the broadcast committee, figuring out exactly how you would place those games. So that’s more of the issue. I think it’s showing that most owners would be in favor of the additions."

Under the scenario that would bump the number of playoff teams from 12 to 14, the No. 7 seed would face the No. 2 seed in an opening-round playoff game, meaning only the top seed from each conference would receive a first-round bye.

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No vote is expected this week, but owners are expected to discuss the logistics of such a move, which could be voted on next spring.

As for the argument that expanded playoffs will water down the competition, or will lead to undeserving playoff teams, Bisciotti isn't buying it.

"It only pushes us from 38 to 44 percent of the teams make the playoffs," he said. "In basketball and hockey, it’s over 50 percent. Baseball is at 33 percent, but I think they’re talking about raising the participation in the playoffs.

The fact that we have such a short season and you’ve seen wild-card teams like us and the Giants and the Packers win a Super Bowl coming from a wild-card spot, that is proof to me that you’re not diluting the product by adding two teams that may have won those last three games at 6-7 and get to 9-7. They can make some noise in the playoffs. I’m all for it.”