Ravens-Patriots: believe the hype

Ravens-Patriots: believe the hype
January 14, 2013, 10:45 pm
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In a piece on Patriots receiver Wes Welker, the Boston Herald’s Ron Borges also contrasts the intensity level from New England’s game Sunday against the Texans with what they will be facing in their rematch with the Ravens this coming weekend.

Some excerpts from Borges’ article:

“[Sunday] was a pillow fight. Next week it’s a street fight. … the Baltimore Ravens, a team that doesn’t wear black and blue for nothing … It will be the fourth time the two have faced off the past three seasons, the second time this season and the second time with a trip to the Super Bowl hanging in the balance. Every one of those games was the same: decided on a razor’s edge and fought like a heavyweight title fight. …

“Unlike the Texans, the Ravens play kill-shot defense. Their approach is to make every play hand-to-hand combat not only at the line of scrimmage, but all over the field.”

Is that prose a little overheated? Not for this match-up. And not after what the Ravens did on Sunday. Hyperbole and the NFL go hand in hand, but for fans of these teams, it may be impossible to over-hype this game.