Ravens plan physical exam against Patriots

Ravens plan physical exam against Patriots
January 20, 2013, 2:45 pm
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The Ravens apparently believe the Patriots have had it pretty easy this season – but that’s going to end Sunday night.

In a report Sunday morning on ESPN, reporter Sal Paolanontio said he was told the following by an unnamed Ravens official: “We don’t think the Patriots were tested very much this year. So we’re going to test them physically and see how they respond.”

That would portend a smash-mouth kind of game, not that the Ravens have been known as a finesse team in any case. So if you want to see the Ravens try to pound the Patriots with a power running game and bring extra pressure via blitzes, it sounds like you will get your wish.

And, as always against the Pats, the success will largely depend on how dirty Tom Brady’s uniform gets, as pointed out by CSNbaltimore.com Ravens insider J. Michael. Because there is nothing more physically testing for an offense than having to constantly help your quarterback up off the ground.

For a defense, the physical test becomes not just having to claw through blocking on the line on a succession of running plays, but also just the matter of having to do it play after play. So watch the Ravens’ time of possession.

So that seems to be at least part of the plan. Now it’s a matter of whether the Ravens can actually administer the test.

(H/T to Pro Football Talk.)