Ravens' players happy with return of McKinnie

Ravens' players happy with return of McKinnie
May 3, 2013, 12:15 am
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The Ravens and left tackle Bryant McKinnie agreed in principle to a two-year deal, it was confirmed today.  Perhaps no one was more excited for the 33 year-old than his teammates. 

The offensive line is often under-appreciated, but it is critical to a team’s success. McKinnie did not start during the regular season, but when coach John Harbaugh decided to tweak the line heading into the playoffs, McKinnie became the starter. 

As Michael Oher points out, not only do the Ravens get to keep McKinnie, but they also have now prevented a rival from possibly gaining a major piece for their offensive line. 

It can be hard to understand a player’s true value because we are not always privy to their locker room presence. Based on his teammates’ reactions, signing McKinnie was just as important for team chemistry as it was for the offensive line.

Jameel McClain is a linebacker. When a defensive player tweets out that the re-signing of an offensive tackle is the “Best day of my life” it really shows you how important that player is to the locker room.

Hyperbole? Probably, but it still shows that McKinnie is more than just a veteran lineman to the Ravens.

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