Ravens rookie's portable potty past

Ravens rookie's portable potty past
May 11, 2013, 8:45 pm
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We have an early favorite for the Quote of the Year by a Raven, uttered by a rookie, third-round draft pick Brandon Williams: “You get poop on you sometimes. Hey, it wasn’t so bad.”

In a profile at BaltimoreRavens.com, Williams was talking about the job he had for three summers while at Missouri Southern: delivering and sometimes cleaning portable toilets. What are the chances of this guy ever turning into a prima donna?

Williams, a defensive tackle, bench-pressed 225 pounds 38 times at the NFL Scouting Combine, tying for the most this year. That strength had to be at least partially built by his summer job, where he would load the 170-pound port-a-potties onto a truck all by himself.

“Hell, Brandon would pick it up and just throw it up on the trailer. It was crazy,” Contractors Equipment manager Mark Shallenburger said. “We saw him handle the handicap units, which were twice as big, and he would just toss it around.”

Williams learned the value of hard work from his mother, a single mom who struggled with minimum-wage jobs to raise him and his brother. At one point when Williams was in high school, they were homeless.

“I saw my mom struggle, saw her work and saw her go without some days,” Williams said. “Even though we were going through tough times, my mom would keep us together. She was the rock. It kept me grounded, kept me humble. I think it made me a better man.”