Ravens this season's Giants?

Ravens this season's Giants?
December 23, 2012, 9:00 pm
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Raven's Insider, J. Michael on the 'new and improved' offense

After routing the Giants on Sunday, there is still something the Ravens can take away from them. And, no, we’re not talking about bringing cornerback Corey Webster along to each game from here on out and somehow getting him installed in the opposition’s secondary.

Because these Giants don’t appear able to be last season’s Giants, maybe the Ravens can be the 2011 Giants. The Ravens’ hitting-on-all-cylinders performance in Week 16, if carried over into the playoffs, would make the frustration of the previous three weeks, each ending in losses maddening in their own ways, nothing but a blip on a graph that trends nowhere but upward.

On their way to a Super Bowl title last season, the Giants went from looking out of it to turning it on during the final weeks of the regular season and then in the playoffs. It’s kind of the same thing the championship Lakers used to do — snooze through chunks of the season just to bolt awake when the alarm went off during money time.

On Sunday, the Ravens showed they could do so many of the things they hadn’t been doing in December — pressure the opposing quarterback, protect Joe Flacco, chew up yards on the ground, dial up the big pass play. You could say, “It’s about time” and actually be more correct in a real sense than in the sarcastic sense of the patience-tested fan.

Yes, with the postseason fast approaching, it is time for any team with aspirations to go deep into January to show what it’s truly capable of. That was the Giants’ formula in 2011. On Sunday, the Ravens displayed that maybe it could be theirs in 2012.