Ravens should say yes to no-huddle

Ravens should say yes to no-huddle
December 8, 2012, 3:00 am
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Remember all the excitement over the Ravens’ no-huddle offense? It was going to take them to the next level and make them a point-scoring juggernaut. Joe Flacco loved it, and the no-huddle was going to propel him into the national consciousness as truly an elite quarterback.

Yeah, that seems so long ago now.

Jeff Zrebiec of The Sun tweeted this week: “In last 3 games, #Ravens have run just 5 total plays out of no-huddle, according to game books. Flacco would like to do it more.” In reply to a question about why they have abandoned the no-huddle, Zrebiec replied: “They're saying they haven't and it is dictated by teams that they're playing.”

Isn’t it the idea of the no-huddle that you do the dictating? The no-huddle is designed to put pressure on the defense. You force the opponent to play with the same personnel down after down. You may make the defense abandon some varieties of its coverage or blitz packages.

In other words, it seems exactly the wrong reason to stop running the no-huddle. And it could have the added advantage of maybe shaking Flacco out of whatever it is that is ailing him recently.