Ravens stayed focused during losing streak

Ravens stayed focused during losing streak
February 9, 2013, 11:45 am
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Many who follow the NFL were counting the Ravens out during their late-season three-game losing streak. The injuries were piling up, the defense and offense were both having problems, and there was even a chance they'd miss the playoffs. 

But general manager/executive vice president Ozzie Newsome said he didn't lose faith or focus -- nor did coach John Harbaugh or other decision-makers on the team. Newsome talked about this at the team's season-ending press conference on Thursday. 

Newsome said that he and Harbaugh talk two or three times per days and that he watches every practice tape and is at practice. Plus, Harbaugh tells him what the game plan's going to be, and Newsome said they knew what needed to be done.

"We never lost sight of what the goal was. The goal was to win the division, and even though we were struggling, we were still one game ahead, two games ahead," Newsome said at the press conference. "We needed to win one game to win the division. So, we never lost focus on what our first goal was."

The Ravens tried to stay focused on just what they needed to do, get that one win. So they kept working towards that, despite all of the problems that kept popping up. And getting through all of that proved to be the key because the Ravens got the AFC North title and entered the playoffs much healthier and playing better-- which helped them win a Super Bowl title. 

"We never lost focus on [what we needed], but we also were able to sit there through all of that time, watching practice, and watching the practice tape, and interacting with each other and the players, and to realize that this thing could turn around and turn around very huge," Newsome said. 

And it did just that.