Ravens Super Bowl ring goes overboard

Ravens Super Bowl ring goes overboard
October 25, 2013, 12:00 am
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Maybe Toni Lekas is the forgiving type. The fact that she is still with her boyfriend, Chuck Lykes, would indicate that indeed she is.

And maybe she won’t drag this out when they get into a fight: “At least I never lost your Super Bowl ring!” Though she would be totally justified.

At BaltimoreRavens.com, Ryan Mink writes the tale of how Lekas, Ravens receptionist, came to lose her ring in waters off Essex.

To make a long story short, Lekas let Lykes hold on to her ring so he could show it to a buddy. She had left the boat party they were attending on the Middle River. Lykes, while helping to tie up a boat at the Middle River Yacht Club, lost the ring overboard.

Lykes’ frantic search in 9 feet of murky water — which included hiring a diver — couldn’t turn it up. The next day, he had to tearfully break the news to Lekas that he’d lost her ring.

“I never cried,” she said. “I was too mad to cry.”

Ah, but there is a happy ending. The couple is still together, and Lekas had insured the ring — media reports have said the Ravens rings are worth about $10,000 — so she could pay for a replacement, which the club ordered. She’s supposed to get it soon, and she said she knows exactly what she’s going to do with it.

“Now it’s going in a safety deposit box,” Lekas said. “I’m not going to keep it at home. It’s just too stressful.”