Ravens' Tyson straight shooter after sack

Ravens' Tyson straight shooter after sack
November 16, 2013, 5:30 pm
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Suggs, Ravens embrace role as villians

After recording a sack Sunday against the Bengals, Ravens defensive lineman DeAngelo Tyson celebrated by pantomiming shooting an arrow because:

*He’ s a fan of the TV show “The Arrow.”

*He wanted to make sure everyone knows that Maryland’s bowhunting deer season is in progress.

*It was a tribute to the great bluesman Muddy Waters’ line in “Manish Boy”: “The line I shoot will never miss.”

Or none of those.

As he recounted to Ryan Mink at BaltimoreRavens.com, Tyson picked it out for no particular reason (though the decision was solidified when he saw an arrow on the wall at fellow D-lineman Arthur Jones’ house).

“I couldn’t think of more dances,” Tyson said. “I just came up with one and stuck with it. I’ve got to get more before it gets a name. I just introduced it.”

The move didn’t necessarily get rave reviews.

Defensive line coach Clarence Brooks told Tyson after the sack: “DeAngelo, I hope that didn’t get on tape, bro, that dance you did after the … tackle. Hey bro, I love you, but God, we’re going to have to check that one out.”

You know, though, that Tyson could have done a whole lot worse.