Ravens as victims in NFL video

Ravens as victims in NFL video
December 21, 2012, 3:30 am
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The Ravens have a starring role in a video that has been shown to team officials throughout the NFL to emphasize compliance with rules designed to protect players, particularly those deemed to be in “defenseless” positions.

Now, if you’re the sort of Baltimore fan who thinks the league is out to get the Ravens, you may be surprised to learn that Ravens plays depicted in the video show them being victimized.

In one, during the Ravens-Raiders game, running back Ray Rice gets hit in the head by a Raiders forearm after he’s been tackled and is on the ground. The hit drew a flag.

So did a crack-back block by Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon on safety Ed Reed — a high hit, above the shoulders, which is strictly verboten.

In fact, another part of the video depicts the Ravens as playing hard but legally. As an example of an approved hit on a receiver by a defensive back, safety Bernard Pollard is shown rocking the Steelers’ Jerricho Cotchery just as a pass arrives, knocking the ball loose, but hitting him in what the league is referring to as the “target area,” between the shoulders and waist.

So maybe the NFL isn’t out to get the Ravens?

(H/T to Pro Football Talk.)