Ravens want a win, not just revenge

Ravens want a win, not just revenge
January 17, 2013, 11:15 am
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If this were a Hollywood story, then revenge would be the main focus. The Ravens played New England in last year's AFC title game and suffered a painful loss due to a late missed kick and dropped TD pass. 

But this isn't Hollywood, and although the Ravens still remember last year's 23-20 loss in New England, they are focused on what this year will be about. They again have a shot at winning the AFC and making the Super Bowl, and that's what the Ravens are focused on now. 

Safety Bernard Pollard made that very clear that revenge is not what they're worrying about when speaking with the media on Wednesday. 

"We [could not] care less about revenge. If you allow revenge in football to take over on the field, that’s when bad things happen," Pollard said. "We just have to go play our game. We can’t worry about what happened in the AFC Championship game last year. We can’t worry about what happened in the regular season. We have to go play football.”

That's been the main theme the players have talked about all week-- just getting another chance to do something big. 

The painful loss to New England last January ended the season on a bad note. Ray Lewis started pushing the team right away to begin looking at this year. Still, the way they were looking ahead didn't have to do with revenge, but instead it involved pushing the team to do better the next time.

Coach John Harbaugh has said his team is happy to be back and wants another shot at what they just missed last year. So while the Ravens do feel they have a score to settle, they're not driven by revenge. They're driven by the chance to make the Super Bowl one more time.