Ravens will have "chess match" with Peyton

Ravens will have "chess match" with Peyton
January 8, 2013, 7:00 pm
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Jackson: Ravens must keep Manning off the field

The Ravens have talked about how Denver quarterback Peyton Manning isn't the only thing they must worry about in this weekend's AFC Divisional playoff game with the Broncos. After all, Denver is at home and coming off a bye week and an 11-game winning streak that gave it the top seed in the AFC playoffs. 

But there's no question that Manning will give the Ravens plenty to worry about heading into Saturday's match-up. 

Manning had a tremendous season this year with Denver, his first with the team after leaving the Colts following the 2011 season. The veteran quarterback rebouinded after surgeries sidelined him all of last year and led the Broncos to a 13-3 record and the AFC West title. 

"The offense is very similar is to what he's run in the past in Indianapolis," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. "They've built it around Peyton. The whole offense has grabbed on to it with enthuasim and executed it extremely well. So we'll apply all the lesons that we've learned over the years, and that's the best we can do with it. "

Ray Lewis said this will wind up being a kind of a chess match against Manning. But he's been there and done that before with the quarterback.  

The two of them have battled many times over the years, but Lewis said the Ravens need to make sure they make life tougher for Manning throughout the game. Lewis said there's nothing very complex involved with Manning directing an offense versus his directing a defense. 

"It's just two people who understand the game very well," Lewis said. "Offensively, he understands what things he wants to see, and defensively we understand what things we don't want him to see, and that's where the chess match comes in. You give him what he wants, he beats you. You give him what he don't want[s}, then you beat him. I think that's the way the game always plays out against us every time we play against each other."

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