Ravens won't go all in on Flacco?

Ravens won't go all in on Flacco?
February 24, 2013, 5:45 pm
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We just went over the staggering math of the franchise tag as it applies to Joe Flacco, courtesy of Pro Football Talk.

Now PFT’s Mike Florio is reporting that the talk at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis is that the Ravens won’t enter the realm of the exclusive franchise tag, with its $20.5 million sticker price for a quarterback. Instead, the Ravens will apply the non-exclusive tag — which is about $6 million lower — and hope for the best while they continue to negotiate a long-term deal, PFT says.

“This strategy would entail plenty of risk,” Florio writes. “It’s one thing to ask … that Flacco would bring back an offer sheet [from another team] before signing it.  It’s quite another for Flacco to do it.”

Ravens assistant general manager Eric DeCosta called the chances of Flacco leaving the Ravens “negligible.” But the amount of a dent that Flacco’s contract will put in the Ravens’ salary cap is far from negligible.

Then again, as the assistant GM might say, that’s just DeCosta doing business. (Budda bing. We’re at the Combine all week. Don’t forget to tip your scouts and scoutresses.)