Ravens, you can bundle up

Ravens, you can bundle up
January 11, 2013, 12:30 am
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CSNbaltimore.com’s J. Michael reports the frigid news for Saturday’s Ravens-Broncos game in Denver: high of 20 degrees and windy. The wind means it will feel even colder on the field during the AFC Divisional Round game.

But here’s another part of the forecast: skin. As in exposed skin for both teams.

At some point, it became de rigueur — which is French for “damn, it’s freakin’ cold” — for NFL players to show how tough they are by playing in cold weather without long sleeves. It started off with just some offensive linemen, and then it spread — the idea being, ‘You see how I laugh at the weather? Then why should I be intimidated by you?”

We’ve all seen those shots on television of guys in the stands shirtless on an ice-cold day. Of course, it could be those guys are feeling warm on the inside because of how they have imbibed. Still, that has spilled over onto the field.

But if, by chance, any of the Ravens are reading this, let me just say: You don’t have to go without long sleeves to prove to me you’re tough. You’re playing in the NFL. Of course, you’re tough. But would it hurt to be a little warmer while you’re being tough?