Ray Lewis finds mountain to climb

Ray Lewis finds mountain to climb
May 24, 2013, 1:15 am
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If Ray Lewis is going to take up golf in his retirement, it apparently will have to wait.

After leaving the NFL as a Super Bowl champion, the Ravens’ future Hall of Famer has literally found a new mountain to climb. As part of a fund- and awareness-raising effort for clean-water projects in East Africa, Lewis said he will tackle Mount Kilimanjaro.

He posted at his website: “In one month, I will climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. … I am so FIRED UP for this adventure.”

Those who support his cause through a series of steps, such as sending in a donation or sharing on Twitter, are entering a contest to win a Lewis-autographed helmet.

Now, as to Kilimanjaro: If Lewis intends on reaching the summit, he’ll have to travel up nearly 20,000 feet. (Kind of makes Mile High Stadium seem like a little hill.) According to the Tanzania National Parks website, Lewis could encounter animals that include elephants, leopards and the Abbot’s duiker, a rare, endangered antelope.

Lewis is something of a rare species himself.