Ray Lewis to retire

Ray Lewis to retire
January 2, 2013, 12:15 pm
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Sunday’s wild-card playoff game isn’t just win or go home for the Ravens.

It’s lose and the career of Ray Lewis is immediately over.

Lewis, who will return to the field vs the Indianapolis Colts for the first time since tearing his triceps Oct. 14, announced he’s retiring after his 17th season.

“I talked to my team today,” said Lewis, his voice starting to crack before he caught everyone by surprise. “I talked to them about life. …. Everything that starts has to end with life. Today, I told my team that this would be my last ride.”

Lewis was activated from the injured list before the Ravens’ final regular season game against the Cincinnati Bengals. He was eligible to return as early as a Dec. 16 home game vs. the Denver Broncos. 

At a meeting Wednesday morning, Lewis informed his team about his decision.

"I just felt so much peace at where I am with my decision," Lewis said. "Because of everything that I've done in this league, I've done it. There's no accolade I don't have individually. I never played the game for individual stats."