Ray to Reggie--no disrespect intended

Ray to Reggie--no disrespect intended
January 9, 2013, 10:45 am
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The legend of the Ray Lewis dance

Indianapolis wide receiver Reggie Wayne said he thought that Ray Lewis doing his dance while in the victory formation -- on offense - at the end of the Ravens' win over the Colts this past Sunday was "disrespectful," according to several media reports. 

But when Lewis spoke to the Baltimore media on Tuesday, he made it clear that he wasn't trying to disrepsect anyone with that action. 

"It wasn’t about them at that time. That was about capping off a heck of a legacy for 17 years that when he was in Pop Warner playing football, I was in Baltimore," Lewis said. "To salute my city that way … I guess the trot around the field was disrespectful, too? No. It wasn’t even about [the Colts]. The game was over. Triple zeros; it was over."

Lewis said he didn't do anything that would try to rub something in the face of the Indianapolis players and was just trying to give a shout out to Baltimore and thank the city for their support over all of these years. 

"I didn’t go towards their sideline and make no big issue of that, because I have never been that type of player," Lewis said. "But, to salute my city, knowing that people love to see that … People love to see that, and not just people – my teammates were the ones that encouraged me the most, saying, ‘Just go out and give it to us one more time, knowing that this will be the last time you actually do it in [M&T Bank] Stadium.’ So, I don’t take it a bad way."

Lewis said he understands that after a loss -- especially a playoff defeat that ends the season-- no one's in a good mood."

But the linebacker made it clear that he wasn't trying to disrespect anyone on the Colts, not Wayne or head coach Chuck Pagano or anyone. 

"Of course, after a loss, everybody is bitter. I’ve felt the same way many times," Lewis said. "I love Reggie to death. Reggie will tell you how much I love him, and it was never nothing personal between him and the Colts. I texted [Colts head coach] Chuck [Pagano] immediately after the game and told him how much I care for him, how much I love him. It wasn’t even about them. It was about me honoring my team and honoring my city.”