Report: NFL could ban celebration dunks

Report: NFL could ban celebration dunks
March 22, 2014, 8:00 pm
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You want to dunk? Then play basketball (or, in the case of those such as me, get a doughnut), because the NFL apparently wants no more of it.

The league will propose eliminating the dunking of the football over the crossbar as a way to celebrate a touchdown, Pro Football Talk reports. This hasn’t yet been presented by the Competition Committee, but Mike Florio says the idea will be brought up during the league meetings, which begin Monday.

The issue isn’t just another way for the NFL to try controlling shows of emotion, which might be the initial reaction to this news. The point would be that when the likes of New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham slam the ball over the crossbar, the goal posts could end up being knocked out of alignment. This happened last season and delayed the game while they were fixed.

Presumably, a dunk would result in a penalty and/or maybe even a fine.

The thing is, for however much we may hear that the NFL is trying to legislate fun out of the sport, you can still see plenty of emotion at any point of a game, whether it’s a sack dance or a Lambeau Leap or an immediate post-game interview that boils over (right, Richard Sherman?).

The NFL already has built in enough delays with TV timeouts and replay reviews. If it can eliminate one for equipment repair, why not? Instead of dunking, just let players dance to their hearts’ content in the end zone.