Report: Reed fined $55,000 by NFL

Report: Reed fined $55,000 by NFL
December 27, 2012, 3:00 pm
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As of Thursday afternoon, Ed Reed hadn't heard from the NFL about his hit that was deemed helmet-to-helmet by game officials last week.

He will be around for the Ravens’ game at the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, but according a report by Fox Sports' Jay Glazer he'll be $55,000 lighter in the pocket.

Reed drove his shoulder into the chest of New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz on a catch on the sideline in that 33-14 victory. His helmet made contact with Cruz’s as he crouched to brace for the blow.

Reed was suspended last month for one game for a similar hit on Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders and was scheduled to lose $423,000, or a week’s salary, but it was turned over on appeal. Reed was given a warning and fined $50,000.

His personal foul cost the Ravens 15 yards and appeared to be his third violation in three seasons, which would trigger the suspension.  It didn't happen. 

Before playing the Giants, Reed did a national TV interview about his touchy situation with the NFL. He was non-chalant as to whether or not the league would issue a penalty. 

"I just play the game," Reed said before Glazer's report. "I let them make those decisions."