Rice backs cyberbullying bill

Rice backs cyberbullying bill
March 8, 2013, 11:45 am
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Pro athletes have a lot of influence in this world, so that's why when they throw their weight behind off-the-field causes, it can do good things. 

Sometimes they pick causes that don't mean much. Then others do things like Ray Rice, who's now backing a bill in the state legislature aimed at getting a handle on the cyberbullying problem.

WBALTV.com said that Baltimore County Del. Jon Cardin introduced House Bill 396, one that wouldn't allow online posting of "true threats that cause a minor to live in fear of his or her safety" and the posting of false or private things about a minor that, if it got out, could be "highly offensive to a reasonable person." 

In addition, WBAL said that Rice sent legislators a written statement showing his belief in and support of the bill. Keith Mills from WBAL read the statement on the floor this week.

"This bill that is asking for criminal charges to be brought up against cyberbullying is very close to Ray. He feels this is an incredibly important step to eliminating this problem," Mills said on WBAL's web site, which also noted that this bill would charge those who break this law with a misdemeanor. A person could get hit with a $500 fine, a year in prison or both penalties. 

This is something that's becoming a major issue in our society. It's something I see with my own kids. But when someone with the power of Ray Rice gets with the cause, it sends a loud message in so many ways. 

Here's hoping that bill passes. And if it does, Rice can truthfully say that he threw a block to help it get to the end zone.