Rice pitches no-hitters against Bengals

Rice pitches no-hitters against Bengals
December 29, 2012, 3:15 am
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You may remember — or perhaps you’ve tried hard to forget — the MC Hammer hit of 20-plus years ago, “U Can’t Touch This.” Not that we’re proposing that as background music while you watch the Ravens-Bengals game Sunday, but it does serve to point out an aspect of Ray Rice’s success against Cincinnati.

According to ESPN.com, of Rice’s 363 yards rushing against the Bengals in his past three games against them, he gained 301 of them before a Bengal hit him. In 2011 and 2012, no other back has gained so many yards against a single opponent before he is touched.

Does it speak to Rice’s quickness and agility? Certainly. Does it indicate just how effective the Ravens offensive line has been against the Bengals. Undoubtedly. Does it bode well for a Ravens victory if this continues? You betcha.

With another meeting against the Ravens possible in the postseason, touching — and stopping — Rice should be something the Bengals are working on Sunday in the regular-season finale. To see how effectively Cincinnati has adjusted, keep an eye on how soon Rice gets hit after he takes a handoff.