Rice, Ravens not satisfied

Rice, Ravens not satisfied
November 28, 2012, 9:30 pm
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Judging by the talk-show chatter around Baltimore, you’d have a hard time guessing the Ravens’ record.

After the Kansas City game (a win), fans were howling about the offense. After the Dallas game (a win) the fans were grumbling about the defense. After the game this past week against the Chargers (a win) there is more howling about the offense, which has reached the end zone just once in the past two games.

Those disgruntled fans can take heart: Players apparently feel the same way.

“This team is a pissed off 9-2 because we feel like we can get so much better,” Ray Rice said at his weekly media session on Wednesday. “I’ve been around five years and this year just feels totally different, because we are 9-2 and nobody is satisfied. Nobody is satisfied with the way we are playing on offense; nobody is satisfied with how we are playing on defense; nobody is satisfied with the way we are playing on special teams.”

Said Terrell Suggs: “I totally agree. It’s just we know we can play better, and we’re going to continue to work and try to play better. So, it’s good that we’re 9-2 and in the position that we’re in, but we’re still not satisfied. So, I think our best ball is yet to come.”

And while they haven’t all been pretty, the wins have added up to a three-game cushion in the AFC North, with a chance to clinch the division title this weekend.

This isn’t gymnastics. There are no style points to quibble over. And players will take an ugly win over a thrilling loss every time.

“Un ugly win still goes down in the win category,” Rice said.

 “We have a lot of room for improvement,” wide receiver Torrey Smith said. “The fact that we’ve only lost two games, I think that says a lot about our team. We have a long ways to go, but at the same time there are a lot of teams that would love to be in our shoes right now.”