Rice says losing streak didn't crush Ravens

Rice says losing streak didn't crush Ravens
January 26, 2013, 6:45 pm
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Not many teams enjoy losing, but Ray Rice said the late-season slide that the Ravens experienced where they dropped four of five didn't kill them.

In fact, Rice said the Ravens just might have learned from it. 

"Nobody likes losing, but losing four of the last five really wasn't the make or break of our year," Rice said when talking to the media earlier this week. "But, the team became stronger through the losses. We didn't point fingers. We didn't make any excuses."

Rice said the Ravens knew that they'd be getting a number of players back as the season drew closer to the playoffs. And when that happened, the Ravens would probably be a better team. 

"As it was going along, we were going to get some guys back healthy,'' he said. "We got to our [playoff] game, got Ray Lewis back. We had everybody back playing at a high level, and the goal was to get that one and get in The Dance. We wanted to be in The Dance."

The Ravens felt that they'd be fine once they got to the playoffs. All they needed was one win to make the playoffs before that skid began, and once they earned the spot, they had plenty of confidence that everything would fall into place. 

They just stayed calm and ready to playoff and, so far, everything's worked out just fine.

"We knew once we got in no matter what seed we were that we were going to be able to compete with anybody that we played," Rice said. "We got in The Dance and took care of business, but the road wasn’t easy. We went out there. We took it on the chin and got to the playoffs and took care of business.”

Now, there's just one piece of business left.