S. Smith trying to reach despondent young Panthers fan

S. Smith trying to reach despondent young Panthers fan
March 16, 2014, 3:30 pm
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Many Ravens fans are thrilled with the team's recent signing of wide receiver Steve Smith, but it has reduced at least one young Carolina fan to tears.

In a video that has already garnered more than 65,000 views, a young Panthers fan named Gavin is told by his father that the Panthers didn't want Smith on the team anymore, "so they fired him."

"Why did they fire him, Daddy?" the adorable younger sister asks.

"Because they said he's too old to play," Dad responds.

Gavin begins to cry over the situation, but his little sister chimes in, "So now we have to cheer for Cam Newton, my favorite!"

Dad asks Gavin, "Who are we going to cheer for on Sundays now?"

"NOBODY!" a sobbing Gavin yells. Watch below: 

Well, it appears Steve Smith might continue to be Gavin's No. 1 fan.

Smith, based on his twitter feed, was trying to reach the family and get in touch with Gavin.

So the story might have a happy ending, but sadly for Gavin, it won't end with Smith in a Panthers uniform.

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UPDATE: Smith was able to contact Gavin and plans to talk with the youngster.