Smith expects trash talk from Steelers' Taylor

Smith expects trash talk from Steelers' Taylor
October 16, 2013, 3:45 pm
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Torrey Smith is looking forward to his matchup with Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor on Sunday.

Not only because Taylor plays well. He talks a good game, too.

“I haven’t met anyone that talks as much trash as him,” Smith said Wednesday. “So when I get to play him, it’s always pretty fun, because I’m not a guy who talks, but he gets it out of me every single time. I have a lot of respect for him, and obviously he’s been one of the top corners in the game for a while. You know he’s going to bring it, and you have to bring you’re A game as well.”

Smith is coming off his least-productive game of the season, catching just one pass for 12 yards during Sunday’s loss to the Packers. You can bet the Steelers will study the Packers’ success against Smith and try to duplicate it. Smith said it would help him get open if the Ravens could avoid so many obvious passing situations.

“A lot of times, we were third-and-12, third-and 15,” Smith said. “They can play pass coverage because of the situations we put ourselves in. It’s on me to get open, regardless of what the coverage is. Whenever the ball comes my way, catch it. If not, then someone else is open, and they’ll make the play.”

Despite the Steelers’ 1-4 record, Smith expects a difficult challenge.

“They’re still the Steelers,” Smith said. “Defensively, Troy Polamalu has been looking way better. You can tell that he’s healthy and flying around. 

Smith expects to see Polamalu flying around Sunday. And Smith also expects to hear Taylor talking.