Spagnuolo will help on defensive side

Spagnuolo will help on defensive side
May 5, 2013, 3:15 pm
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One of the quiet moves the Ravens made the week of their first rookie mini-camp is something the team hopes will pay off in a big way -- especially when it comes to defense. 

Long-time NFL defensive coach Steve Spagnuolo, who's worked with head coach John Harbaugh before, officially joined the staff. Harbaugh talked about the move on Sunday when addressing the media following the end of the team's rookie mini-camp.

“We’ve added Steve Spagnuolo – obviously, a tremendous coach, great experience," Harbaugh said. "His accomplishments speak for themselves. I think it adds to an already very strong staff and just makes us that much better."

When announcing his hiring a few days ago, the team's web site said Spagnuolo would be a "full-time senior defensive assistant."

Harbaugh said Spagnuolo's role will be helping on the defensive side where the team needs him. The coach said they're trying to build a strong coaching staff as well as a strong team.

"The more great coaches and great players that we can build into what we are doing, the better we are going to be," Harbaugh said. "He’ll build into the defensive side. He’ll assist where needed. I think we will build that in as we go, but he can really work with any position. So, it’s a big plus for us.”

The two coaches worked with each other for eight years an assistants on the Philadelphia Eagles. 

“The obvious attraction was John and our relationship,” Spagnuolo said on the team's site. “The one thing you learn in this business is you want to, whenever you can, be associated with character organizations.”