Steeler gives Ravens their due

Steeler gives Ravens their due
June 20, 2013, 11:30 pm
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You might think that watching the Ravens win the Super Bowl would stick in the craw of their biggest rivals, the Steelers. So when Pittsburgh safety Ryan Clark visited the NFL Network, he was shown a clip of Joe Flacco clutching the Vince Lombardi Trophy and asked how that made him feel. Clark responded with equanimity.

“The Baltimore Ravens, they earned it,” he said. “Joe Flacco played good ball. … They did what they had to do to win it. I tip my hat to them.”

OK, that’s quite decent of Clark. But there is a little more, of course.

“Now, am I happy about it? Do I want to listen to T-Suggs everyday while I’m training in Arizona about winning the Super Bowl? No.”

Clark said Terrell Suggs is still riding the high of the championship.

“He’s actually giddy,” Clark said. “He’s a big, giddy dude.”

Sounds like a new nickname to go with T-Sizzle: T-Giddy.