Steelers fan wants court to get team in playoffs

Steelers fan wants court to get team in playoffs
January 9, 2014, 9:45 am
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When officials miss calls, the NFL apologizes, and everyone moves on. Or, if you’re a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, files a lawsuit.

In a hand-written, scrawled-in-the-margins document, a man who appears to be an inmate at the State Correctional Institution in Mercer, Pa., sought "a temporary emergency injunction" from federal court to keep the San Diego Chargers out of the playoffs because the game officials failed to call a penalty against them on a missed field-goal try by the Kansas City Chiefs in the last game of the regular season, The Sun reported (via Pro Football Talk). The last-second kick by Ryan Succop, from 41 yards, would have won the game. However, the Chargers lined up too many players to one side of the snapper. That should have been a 5-yard penalty and another try for Succop. Had he made it, the Chiefs’ victory would have eliminated the Chargers and put the Steelers in the playoffs. Instead, San Diego won in overtime and then upset the Cincinnati Bengals in the wild-card round of the postseason.

The NFL has acknowledged the missed call.

The filing did come before last weekend’s playoff games, and it helpfully offered suggestions on how to remedy the situation: hold off on the start of the postseason by a week or so and let Succop try the kick again from 5 yards closer, have the Chargers and Steelers play at a neutral site for the No. 6 playoff berth or just declare that the Chiefs had won the game.

Certainly seems reasonable, doesn’t it? And while we’re at it, maybe somebody can petition the courts to change the outcome of the Ravens-Patriots AFC Championship Game from two years ago, on the basis that officials ruled incorrectly that Lee Evans didn’t hold on long enough for what would have been a game-winning touchdown. Declare the Ravens winners of that game and why not also rule that they would have beaten the New York Giants in the Super Bowl? (H/T to my daughter the Ravens fan for this suggestion.)