Stormy week for Ravens' Jimmy Smith

Stormy week for Ravens' Jimmy Smith
July 12, 2014, 1:15 pm
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If a tree falls on a cornerback's house, does it make a sound?

Yeah, especially from the cornerback.

A storm earlier this week brought down a tree on Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith's house. On a video he posted via Instagram (as noted by, Smith asks: “I think we had a damn tornado hit my house yesterday. How do you get rid of a fallen tree on your house? Please tell me.”

Among the responses Smith received were from someone with a tree service, someone else whose family has a landscaping business, another person offering to let Smith borrow a chain saw and even one helpful guy who said, “Smoke that s--- don't let it go to waste.”

We also noted a bit of a theme on Smith's Instagram posts, along with the family and friends photos and videos – and matching black and white pet bulldogs. There were at least three shared illustrations around the idea of not caring a whole lot, expressed as not giving a … well, you know.

This actually could be a good philosophy for an NFL cornerback. If you give up a big play, you have to just line up for the next one like you don't give a, uh, darn about what just happened.