Suggs is a happy and impressive camper

Suggs is a happy and impressive camper
July 30, 2013, 2:30 pm
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Ravens cool off after training camp

Through the first five days of training camp, it has been almost impossible not to notice Terrell Suggs at outside linebacker. How fit he looks. How quick he looks.

This from linebackers coach Ted Monachino. “It’s a different Suggs than I’ve seen in the last four seasons,’’ Monachino said. “It’s a similar Suggs to the one I saw as a 19-year-old kid. He is completely involved, he can’t get enough football right now, he loves the work, he loves the leadership role he’s taken on. I think that Terrell is on an all-time high right now in a lot of areas in is life.”

Here’s a comment from wide receiver Torrey Smith.

“Do you see what Suggs looks like right now?” Smith said. “He’s all ripped up. He worked his tail off this offseason. He’s way more explosive than last year. Obviously he was coming off an injury, but his bursts are just like they were my rookie year when he was Defensive Player of the Year.”

Suggs let nothing interrupt his workout routine during the offseason. The Achilles and biceps injuries that hampered him in 2012 are fully healed. His passion to have a terrific season is obvious.

The Ravens were off Tuesday, allowing their bodies some much needed rest. But don’t be surprised if Suggs was at the facility working out anyway. Suggs said he didn’t enjoy missing training camp last season. This year, he’s making up for it.