Suggs says Achilles is bothering him

Suggs says Achilles is bothering him
January 7, 2013, 3:45 pm
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Terrell Suggs said the Achilles injury that kept him out of the first part of this season may be acting up again. 

The team's web site ( reported this monring that Suggs told Yahoo! Sports Michael Silver that the foot was bothering him but he wanted to stay in the game on Sunday.

"My Achilles started acting up, and it felt pretty bad, but I was like, '[Forget that],' "the web site said that Suggs told Silver. "I wasn't going to let a repaired tendon steal our glory. We had work to do. We're trying to win a championship. And we had to make sure we did this for him."

The "him" was, Ray Lewis, playing in his final career game at M&T Bank Stadium as the Ravens beat the Colts, 24-9, in an AFC Wild Card playoff on Sunday. 

Suggs had sat out the regular season finale last week in Cincinnati to help the foot and his injured arm feel better. That gave him two weeks between games. 

The big question now is how he'll feel in Saturday's AFC semifinal in Denver when the Ravens take on the Broncos. 

Suggs sat out the first six games of the season after injuring the Achilles during the off-season. The speed of that return stunned many people. Suggs likely won't be too happy about sitting out Saturday as a loss would end Lewis' career. He announced last week that this would be his final season.