T. Smith: No dwelling on Pittsburgh

T. Smith: No dwelling on Pittsburgh
December 5, 2012, 10:15 pm
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Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith was not a happy man last Sunday night.

Smith was not only steamed that the Ravens had lost, 23-20, to the archrival Steelers on the final play of the game, but that the offense, and Smith in particular, had missed some golden opportunities. At least twice -- including the game's second play -- Smith got his hands on deep balls, but they were underthrown and defenders were able to break up the play.

"It’s definitely frustrating," Smith said in the locker room after the game. "Regardless of how tough it might be, it’s my job to make a play. More often times than not I make it. A couple of plays I left on the field I’m very upset about.”

The Ravens, like many other NFL players, like to invoke the '24-hour rule:' Spend just 24 hours dwelling on the past game, win or lose, and then turn the attention to the next one.

Smith clearly abides by that. Any lingering frustration over the loss to the Steelers?

"Monday's over with," he said in the Ravens locker room on Wednesday. "It's on to the next game."

"I guess if we'd have won I wouldn't have been as mad," he added. "We were all frustrated with that game, and that game's in the past and we're on to the next one."

This week, Smith, a Virginia native who played collegiately at Maryland, is excited about facing a Redskins secondary that features two other former Terps: safety Madieu Williams and cornerback (and former Raven) Josh Wilson.

"I think they have playmakers, especially with Josh (Wilson), and DeAngelo Hall, two great corners, and even in the defensive backfield with my other fellow Terp back there roaming," Smith said. "It's going to be a nice challenge for us."