Te'o can laugh at himself

Te'o can laugh at himself
April 10, 2013, 12:15 am
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For those who have reservations about Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o because of the fake Internet girlfriend mishegoss, his appearance on the NFL Network’s “Game Changers” marks a big moment.

Te’o was put through his paces mostly in pass coverage drills by Steve Mariucci and Willie McGinest. It wasn’t necessarily how well he performed in the drills that was impressive. He seemed to move fine, but I don’t have a trained NFL eye, and I don’t know how other potential linebacker draftees would compare. But you don’t need to have a scout’s eye to pick up on how Te’o showed a sense of humor about himself.

At one point in the drills, when Te’o was reacting to movements and then passes by USC’s Matt Barkley, Mariucci made reference to how Te’o was covering “imaginary receivers.” Te’o replied: “I’m good at imaginary stuff.” Everyone laughed, including Te’o at himself.

If he can laugh off the whole embarrassing imaginary girlfriend incident this way, you have to believe Te’o is on his way to being just fine.

And should his name still be on the board when the Ravens draft at the end of the first round, that’s a factor they would have to consider.