Terrell Suggs doesn't feel very Brady

Terrell Suggs doesn't feel very Brady
January 17, 2014, 1:00 pm
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Maybe Terrell Suggs can watch the New England Patriots play in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday without throwing something at the TV each time Tom Brady appears on the screen. After all, the first step in getting over a problem is recognizing that you have a problem.

Appearing this week on the NFL Network (H/T BaltimoreRavens.com), the Ravens outside linebacker acknowledged in a tongue-in-cheek manner that he was dealing with his Brady animus.

“I’m getting over it,” Suggs said. “I’m seeing a therapist for it.”

More seriously, Suggs told host Dave Dameshek that when the Ravens face the Patriots, the trash talk flies both ways between Brady and Suggs.

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“He gives it back,” Suggs said. “He says some choice words on the field.”

Now, what doesn’t fly, though, is to try handing Suggs a Steelers Terrible Towel, which Dameshek attempted to do, yanking one out from beneath his seat cushion.

“I don’t want no Steelers,” Suggs said as Dameshek reached for the towel.

“You don’t want to hold it?” the host asked.

“Absolutely not,” was the reply.

“You don’t even want to wave it and see what it feels like?”

Suggs remained insistent, instead saying the score of the last Ravens-Steelers game, a Baltimore victory, and adding: “Men lie, women lie. Numbers don’t lie.”

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