The times are changing with the Ravens

The times are changing with the Ravens
April 2, 2013, 11:15 am
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Well, the times are a-changin' over at The Castle. 

The 2013 version of the Baltimore Ravens will look a lot different than recent years. In fact, the Ravens are going to be a lot different for long time. 

As Mike Preston of The Sun and several other members of the local media have said in recent weeks, this is going to be John Harbaugh's team now. And more and more things are leaking out about last year's team which make that statement seem pretty much on the money. 

Bernard Pollard is with the Titans now, but he's still talking about how he was upset about something in regards to the now well-known mid-season day where Harbaugh and the team had some kind of emotional talk before a practice where players were upset. Preston said that Harbaugh wanted "Reed back as much as he wants a root canal." There also were questions about how hard Dannell Ellerbe could and would work. 

It's seeming more clear by the day that the Ravens wanted to change things. The worst label to have on a college or pro football team is that of a troublemaker. If the coach or team thinks that, then a player could be gone pretty quickly, regardless of their abilities. 

There were questions about a number of players from the Super Bowl season, but the Ravens are certainly making changes. They're bringing in different types of players. At the press conference for Michael Huff, Harbaugh said he's a Raven type of guy. 

As I said in a previous blog, maybe some folks in the Castle were tired of the bad-boy persona the Ravens have often exhibited throughout the past 12 years or so. Maybe they want something better -- for whatever reason. 

Here's one thing that's clear to me. Something's changing with the Ravens, and they're going to have a different look and sound from now on.