Tough love coming for Cincinnati's Andy Dalton?

Tough love coming for Cincinnati's Andy Dalton?
January 12, 2014, 7:00 pm
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What should the Ravens address?

With the departure of Jay Gruden to become the Washington Redskins head coach, the Cincinnati Bengals have installed Hue Jackson — a former quarterbacks coach for the Ravens, among other NFL jobs — as offensive coordinator. What will this mean for Andy Dalton?

According to a report from, under Gruden, Dalton didn’t face harsh criticism from the coaching staff. Michael Silver wrote: “If people in the Bengals organization had a consistent criticism about Gruden during his three-year run … it was that he didn't coach Dalton hard enough. Sources said the quarterback … continually made mistakes in practice that his coordinator let slide, at least in front of others.”

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But that appears certain to change under Jackson.

“Jackson is a high-energy presence who has strong opinions and isn't shy about expressing them.,” Silver wrote. “… He is tough, demanding and relentless in his pursuit of excellence, and this is especially true when it comes to the man playing the most important position on the field. Make no mistake: Andy Dalton's work reality is about to get a lot different, and quickly.”

Maybe that’s what Dalton needs in order to end his inconsistent play and coming up short when it means the most, which is holding back one of the NFL’s most talented teams.