Tucker won't be battling nerves

Tucker won't be battling nerves
January 30, 2013, 11:30 am
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Kickers often can be a nervous bunch. And rookie kickers can be more nervous than anyone. But Justin Tucker's a little different.

The Ravens have gotten plenty of mileage out of their rookie kicker, who appears to have the calm of a veteran. He's made several big kicks already this year, credits snapper Morgan Cox and holder Sam Koch with helping his success and says he's ready to roll if the Ravens need to him come up big in Sunday's Super Bowl with the 49ers.

Tucker, speaking at Media Day in New Orleans on Tuesday, said if he gets a chance to make a game-winning kick Sunday, that would be just fine with him. 

"These are the moments that you dream about and you think about as a little kid," he said. "To actually be here on media day and to know that opportunity may arise during the game, it’s a pretty phenomenal deal. If called upon to put the exclamation point on it myself, I have faith in Morgan (Cox) and Sam (Koch). We're going to have fun with it and we’ll be successful.”

Tucker's been huge for the Ravens this year. His biggest kick was the 47-yarder he delivered to give the Ravens a 38-35 victory over the Broncos in the AFC Divisional game in Denver-- a kick that came in double overtime. 

Tucker said he always ended his practice routine with his father by trying a "game-winning field goal." Now, he's got a certain to finish he warm-up routine before games that also involves that, which he also spoke about on Tuesday. 

"I always end my warm up routine on game days with a 48-yarder from the right hash," Tucker said. "That’s the kick (Adam) Vinatieri made in the Superdome in 2001 I believe [to give the Patriots a Super Bowl win]. This place right here is where he cemented himself as a Hall of Fame-caliber kicker, which is really a hard thing to do.”