Waking up with the Ravens on game day against the Patriots

Waking up with the Ravens on game day against the Patriots
December 22, 2013, 9:15 am
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New England's Jones a huge challenge for Ravens


Today’s subject: The chess game between the Ravens defense and Tom Brady.

Brady’s experience makes it difficult to fool him by blitzing and playing different coverages. The Ravens would love to force Brady into mistakes Sunday afternoon, but trying to show Brady a variety of defenses often plays into his hands.

“First of all, he has seen it all, so there is probably nothing new coverage-wise that you are going to throw at him that he hasn’t seen,” said Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees. “What you’ve got to be careful of is thinking that you’re so clever that you are going to outsmart him, then you can’t play the coverage that you’re showing him.

“You’ve got to be able to get pressure on him without blitzing. You can’t rely on that all the time, he will pick you apart. Just like (Peyton) Manning and all the good ones – there are just not that many coverages or many blitzes that you can come up with that they haven’t seen, and he doesn’t recognize. To me, he is the best at recognizing all that kind of stuff.”

The Ravens have beaten Brady the last two times they have faced him, including the AFC championship game that propelled the Ravens to the Super Bowl. Beating a Brady team three straight times is difficult. But if the Ravens can beat Brady on Sunday, they will be one step closer to the playoffs.

Morning thought: “We moved the ball up and down the field, but we’ve got to get touchdowns.”- Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell, talking about getting touchdowns against the Patriots, after not scoring a touchdown against the Lions.

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