Weeden ready to take Browns job back

Weeden ready to take Browns job back
October 1, 2013, 2:15 am
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Well, look who thinks he’s still going to be the starting quarterback for the Browns.

That would be Brandon Weeden, sidelined by a sprained thumb after losing his first two starts this season but ready to come back. During Weeden’s absence, Cleveland elevated erstwhile No. 3 QB Brian Hoyer, who has led the Browns to two straight wins and will be starting again Thursday night against the Bills.

"I’m treating it like this is still my football team,” Weeden said, as reported by The Plain Dealer. “I’m still involved in the offense. I’m not discouraged.''

There is the supposed adage that a starter isn’t supposed to lose his job to injury. But whatever stone that was etched in has gotten pretty worn down over the years. Plus, there are those two wins in a row.

Offensive tackle Joe Thomas, what do you think of that “rule”?

“I don’t know,'' said Thomas. "It's more of a coaching question. It’s hard to sit a guy after he won both games he was in.”

Meanwhile, Weeden said he’s still going to prepare as if he’s getting his starting job back.

“I’m going to work just as hard as I did in the offseason to win the job,” he said. “I’m going to keep continuing to work just as hard now as I did Week 1 and Week 2 and go from there.''