What does the combine stuff mean?

What does the combine stuff mean?
February 26, 2013, 11:30 am
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Many in the media -- especially ESPN, as per usual -- were going crazy over the weekend reporting the smallest details about the NFL's combine, particularly when it came to Manti Te'o.

Te'o is trying to get over his well-documented off-the-field problems. But his not-so-great time in the 40 didn't help matters. Now there's all kinds of analyses going on. People are saying that he'll slip in the first round and could even fall out of it. 

Or if he just slips to the end of the first round, the Notre Dame star could be right there when the Ravens step up to the plate. The question at that point would be whether or not the Ravens would even want him. Yes, they've got at least one big hole at inside linebacker, but do they want a player with this much baggage right now?

But many other players have problems at the combine. A number seem to have some kind of issue off the field, which is something they'll have to answer to when talking with individual teams.

Other players are trying to bounce back from injuries, which is something they will have to answer to also when undergoing physicals and talking with teams. NFL teams are going to spend a lot of money on players, and they want to know about what they're getting.

In the end, the combine is really just to show the NFL what they're getting when they draft these players. That's all. There's still going to be Pro Days and things like that. For Te'o, here's betting he does better at his Pro Day, just like other players have done in the past. 

But for the "experts" and fans in the information-crazy, we-have-to-know-everything world that sports has become, it doesn't matter. The information is what people want-- no matter how small.