What does Gary Kubiak's arrival mean for Jacoby Jones?

What does Gary Kubiak's arrival mean for Jacoby Jones?
June 22, 2014, 1:45 pm
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The assumption would be that Gary Kubiak's arrival as Ravens offensive coordinator can only mean better things for wide receiver Jacoby Jones, given their five years together with the Houston Texans. But the numbers don't necessarily indicate so.

Jones' forte is being a deep threat. But, as Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com points out, during those five seasons in Houston, Jones caught just 10 passes that were thrown 20 yards or more, while he's had eight such catches in two years in Baltimore.

But Jones said what you saw with the long ball may not necessarily be what you get with Kubiak.

"Don't sleep on that, but the way he is, he's going to take what you give us," Jones said. "If you're going to sit there and play that all game -- you're going to give it to us -- why not? Just chip away and throw it down the field. It's football. It's a chess match."

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As a chess piece, Jones has been perceived to have limited value because of bad hands. But, again, the numbers say something else. According to Sporting Charts, he had only one dropped pass in each of the last two seasons with the Ravens.

Now it's a matter of how the numbers play out in 2014 for Jones.