What will Ravens do in draft?

What will Ravens do in draft?
April 1, 2013, 10:45 am
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There's no question that the Ravens have some holes to fill on defense, but how they use the draft to help fill any of their holes will be fun to watch.

The Ravens always have been true to their draft board. They could very well pick an offensive player before someone on defense. They've got some things to take care of on offense -- especially at wide receiver and maybe the offensive line-- even though there are some things that really need to be fixed on defense. 

Things could change before the draft due to free agency moves -- and it could change afterwards also for the same reason. But the draft should give the Ravens a lot of room to do things.

The Ravens have 12 picks in this year's draft, so they can make deals to move up, down or trade for a veteran player they like. Ozzie Newsome knows how move around, and could very well be the top GM in the NFL for doing that. He will want coach John Harbaugh to have a good team to defend the Super Bowl title, and what happens in the draft will have a hand in determining the Ravens' look for 2013.

That's why I wouldn't be surprised at two scenarios unfolding in the draft. First, the Ravens could pick someone on offense in the first round or they could make some kind of a deal to move up in the first round. The Ravens now have the last pick in that first round as they won the Super Bowl. 

So even though defense -- specifically linebacker and safety -- are the two areas everyone's talking about, don't be shocked if the Ravens pick someone different in the first round. That's what makes the draft so much fun to watch and follow.