Where will Kubiak set up shop for Ravens?

Where will Kubiak set up shop for Ravens?
January 30, 2014, 9:30 am
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Eye in the sky or finger on the pulse? Where new Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak will be situated during games has yet to be determined.

Some play-callers do it from the sideline, while others sit high in the stands in a booth.

“It probably gets down to how comfortable Joe [Flacco] may be,” Kubiak said this week, as reported by BaltimoreRavens.com. “If Joe wants me down there and is more comfortable with me down there, fine.”

The Ravens’ past two offensive coordinators were split on where to set up — Cam Cameron on the field, Jim Caldwell in the booth. During his previous play-calling days, Kubiak mostly chose the sideline.

The booth affords a macro view of the field, while the field gets the coach up close and personal with the offense. In either case, someone on the sideline will radio the play to Flacco.

Maybe the next generation of helmet will allow a coach to bypass the radio method and send texts. “IMHO, that CB ready 2 bite on double move. Throw deep n he’ll be like WTF. LOL.”