Who leads the Ravens now?

Who leads the Ravens now?
March 2, 2013, 6:30 pm
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One other factor that's going to come after all the free-agent signings are done involves leadership for the 2013 Ravens. Who's going to be a or the team leader?

That job is open mainly because of the retirement of Ray Lewis after 17 years. Lewis was undoubtedly the leader of the defense and the team. He was the player everyone looked to in tough times. All good teams need a player like that -- and they're tough to replace. 

Will Joe Flacco now take on at least some part of that role after agreeing to a big contract with the Ravens. The big money also brings big pressure with it in pro sports. 

Flacco is much quieter and more soft-spoken than Lewis, but it appears as if he's growing into a team leader. He guided the team to a Super Bowl title this year, so the respect of his teammates is certainly there. 

Or, if Ed Reed and Dannell Ellerbe return, would they have a role in the leadership. Same with Jameel McClain. Or is Lardarius Webb going to have a hand in it? 

Webb, like Flacco, seems to be growing into a leadership role, which will help the Ravens since he's young, one of the team's better players and is likely going to be around for awhile. 

There's many possibilities involving leadership, but Flacco's going to be one that many people look at. This is going to be his sixth year with the team, and the Ravens have made the playoffs all five years he's been here. 

People will expect him to step up and be more of a leader, in some form, due to the money. It will be interesting to see how that shakes out now that Flacco has proven he is truly "elite."