Will McClain's arrest weigh in Ravens draft?

Will McClain's arrest weigh in Ravens draft?
April 22, 2013, 10:00 am
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With the usual caveats that we don’t know all the facts and that he’s innocent until proven guilty, let’s say there is at least one thing about Rolando McClain’s arrest in Alabama over the weekend that could be helpful as far as the Ravens are concerned — the timing.

Whatever the Ravens decide to do about McClain, their newly signed linebacker, or even if they decide to do nothing, they have seen that he is not yet able to stay away from trouble. McClain has had, in the stock phrase too often associated with athletes, several run-ins with the law.

So, armed with this latest information, the Ravens head into this week’s NFL Draft making a further evaluation of McClain and how he fits or doesn’t fit into their plans at linebacker. Maybe now they will be more likely to select a linebacker, realizing they have — or may have — one more hole to fill than they had anticipated before the weekend.

Even before this latest news, some mock drafts had anticipated that the Ravens would go for a linebacker in the first round. Not everyone was sold on the addition of McClain, who, after all, wasn’t kept by the Raiders.

Let’s see how many more of those mocks now link the Ravens with the likes of Manti Te’o or Kevin Minter.