Will the Ravens carry one backup QB or two?

Will the Ravens carry one backup QB or two?
May 26, 2014, 9:00 am
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Will the Ravens keep three quarterbacks next season? It’s possible, after their decision to draft Ball St. quarterback Keith Wenning in the sixth round. Wenning has size (6-foot-3, 220 pounds), he was a four-year starter in college, and Ravens coach John Harbaugh was impressed with how Wenning threw the football at their recent minicamp.

However, that does not mean the Ravens will decide that Wenning should be the backup quarterback to Joe Flacco. Last year’s backup Tyrod Taylor has more experience than Wenning, and Taylor’s threat as a runner adds a dimension that Wenning doesn’t bring. 

The Ravens may face a situation where Taylor is a better backup for next season, but Wenning looks like a promising backup down the road as he develops. So will the Ravens decide that both Wenning and Taylor are worth keeping on the 53-man roster? Or will one of them be released?

That’s what the Ravens will evaluate over the coming months. Flacco has never missed a start in six seasons. The Ravens have been fortunate that Flacco’s durability has reduced the importance of the team’s backup quarterback choice.

However, there is no guarantee Flacco will make it through another season unscathed. Whether the Ravens carry one backup quarterback, or two, will be one of the many decisions they have to make.

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