Will some not make the grade at the NFL Combine?

Will some not make the grade at the NFL Combine?
July 7, 2013, 6:30 pm
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Does this make any sense to anyone? CBSSports.com’s Bruce Feldman reports that the NFL is considering allowing only academically eligible college players to attend the league’s Scouting Combine.

Feldman writes: “The move is being discussed because of the increased scrutiny on the maturity and commitment of the prospects entering the NFL, the source said, adding that if this measure was in place in 2013, a sizable group of players would not have been invited to Indianapolis for the combine.”

So this is a reaction to Aaron Hernandez’s arrest on a murder charge? And such a move would prevent possible miscreants from entering the NFL exactly how?

First of all, this wouldn’t prevent anyone from being drafted. Second of all, what exactly does academically eligible mean by the time the Combine rolls around? A lot of guys heading to the pros might not even be attending classes anymore at that point. Instead, they are preparing for their jobs in the NFL, devoting their time to working out, hoping to rise on somebody’s draft board, where a round or two difference can mean hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

At Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio writes: “So while it’s good that the NFL is considering ways to prevent future Aaron Hernandezes from being employed by NFL teams … banning academically ineligible players from the Scouting Combine won’t do anything to accomplish the goal. Unless the goal is to generate some P.R. that will make the casual fan think the NFL is serious about the problem.”

And also to give the NCAA a last bit of control over players on their way out of the door.